Personal development book

UniPhi serves as a personal development book that guides you through the process of understanding and getting to know yourself. Together with Aisha, a young woman, you go on the journey to become the captain of your own life. This guidebook is all about an intuitive experience, triggering memories and feelings through geometry. You will create insights you normally never would!


Find your purpose through this personal development book

Are you also bored with your own life choices and are you in need of a search within? Then stop seeking for what is already in front of you and together we can dive into our hearts to find the real you. With the help of my personal development and spiritual book, we can find your true potential. We often pressure ourselves into believing we know who we are and what we are here for. But we need to take the time to dare to be ourselves and to restore all connections with the earth and the cosmos to discover our path to self-growth. Your personal journey can be expressed through sacred geometry, that forms a great part of my work and insights.


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