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About HeartDive About HeartDive About HeartDive About HeartDive About HeartDive

Do you want to discover new horizons, especially in this challenging present? Is it your heart’s desire to focus on what matters most? Do you want to get rid of the fear our buzzing heads keep generating? ‘Move inside and listen to your heart’ is a mantra we encounter everywhere. An emotional newsflash or a disturbing message is enough to start that well-know rat race all over!

If meditating doesn’t feel right for you, try a more visual approach.  


Probably you wonder what your heart has to offer you instead? Confidence!

Our brain is not designed to respond to the world, it is designed to predict the future. The brain constantly checks if its own predictions are in line with our sensory observations. When necessary, it adapts its response. This natural wiring makes it hard to change our perspective.

Travelling into your heart, alters that perspective. Once again you can navigate with a strong compass, along an intuitive, true path.

Our heart sees our context and knows our destiny. It is a silent guide toward our goals. Entering the heart feels like a homecoming with a familiar and trustworthy friend. Therefore you can learn to RESONATE again with your heart frequency. In that resonance the buzzing of your head finally stops! The main function of your heart is to CONNECT. First of all you re-connect with your true nature. Once this connexion is solid enough, you can expand it and embrace your inner circle, hold dear friends, cuddle the Earth, pulse with our solar system, …

It is all about your heartbeat. Lub dub, lub dub, lub dub, … on that rhythm you EMERGE and are able to radiate the wisdom of YOU. You are unique and your frequency adds up to the symphony of all those frequencies around. 

dive into the BE-YOU-tiful

YOU-niverse of YOUr heart

Be aware that you create your own BE-YOU-tiful YOU-niverse with the power of your heartfrequency.

HeartDive offers healing frequencies and pathways into the wisdom of your heart. Visit the webshop to discover more.