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If you want to empower certain objects with an imprint of a specific frequency, you can use the prints to upload that frequency into the object. Each print has a unique design and a unique frequency, which you transfer to the desired object by sticking them on the chosen object or place them in the space.

Empower through geometry

Geometry is frozen Light frequencies, like a picture is a frozen memory in time. Those frequencies have the ability to express a myriad of things through their different designs. A multi-layered message is transferred to the object or space through the designs. That is where the magick happens!

All the prints upload their own set of frequencies on chosen objects or radiate them into the space where they are placed. Each geometrical design comes with their own specific set of frequencies. Such an empowered object makes those frequencies tangible. The more you use those objects, the more you’ll be able to feel their multi-layered message. The geometry has to be felt deeply to be understood.

The more you walk that path, the more familiar it becomes. At a certain moment you’ll be able to recognize your heartbeat in day to day situations. You will feel what makes you happy and when you are in-tune with everything around you. That is the moment you’ve been waiting for! This wisdom allows you to deeply connect with your BE-YOU-tiful surroundings.

Your heart re-connects you with your truest wishes and brings harmony at all levels.

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The prints which are available in the webshop allow you to empower your objects or spaces. Each one has a unique pattern, so feel which one resonates the best with you.