Resonate Resonate Resonate Resonate Resonate

Listening to a beautiful piece of music awakens a deep remembering.
Watching a picture or a movie silences you or makes you weep. 
You are triggered by the “Law of Attraction” and want to dive deeper.

Resonance is to be in harmony

Resonance is all about a connexion between you and a moment in time or a special encounter. You deeply feel how your emotions, thoughts and actions are completely in-tune. Everything starts to flow from your fingertips, acts in accordance and harmony. Those are the precious moments on which the YOU-niverse sends you a message: ‘enJOY this BE-YOU-tiful moment’.  Just BE, here and now. Feel how your heart expands in those precious moments.   

To experience this, you try meditation or relaxing body exercises. Or you look at art and frequencies. 

Resonance and harmony are all about balance
The balance between you and your environment
The balance from your masculine and feminine side
The balance of all 5 elements (earth, water, fire, wind, spirit)

It is all about getting a true feeling. When you resonate with your heart, you resonate with your surroundings from within your unique core. The more you are able to remain in these harmonious energies, the stronger the imprint in your own system becomes. The easier you can access them in difficult situations. At a certain moment you’ll even start emitting those frequencies yourself. That is the moment when you really start to attract your heart desires.

Resonance is frequencies made tangible

Geometrical pathways touch a hidden layer and ‘magick’ happens… a multi-layered message is delivered along those paths. When you spiral down along a pathway, even new patterns appear in the original. It doesn’t stop with looking at those pathways! Feeling and experiencing those geometries, intensifies the message. Resonance goes far beyond the original paths and tumbles you along a completely personal experience into the wisdom of your heart. Your own heart desires unfold. 

Resonance is frequencies made tangible.