Live experience

Live experience Live experience Live experience Live experience Live experience

If you want to get in touch and experience the power of frequencies, I invite you to a live event. During those events many elements merge. Geometrical designs resonate by their size and presence on site. With sound circles, drum circles and guided meditations you connect through frequencies. A sweat lodge and fire ceremonies transform old energies and allow a new you to emerge.

Experience frequency

In Lelystad, Netherlands, we’re transforming the Zonnekracht, a beautiful private terrain, into a sacred space-place. Gradually new geometries are implemented on site, while we celebrate the original rhythm of both Earth & Sun. We align with the 13-moon cycle, the seasonal rhythm of the Earth-Sun dance, the spirals of our galaxy and much more.

During our events we combine shamanistic traditions, Nature wisdom, Celtic and other pagan influences, geometrical frequencies and our heart desire into swirling celebrations. We reflect, enjoy, dance, dive, fly, travel, … during the 8 cardinal points in our natural calendar. Enter that paradox at a place where time doesn’t exist, yet is celebrated!

The more you walk that path, the more familiar it becomes. At a certain moment you’ll be able to recognize your heartbeat in day to day situations. You will feel what makes you happy and when you are in-tune with everything around you. That is the moment you’ve been waiting for! This wisdom allows you to deeply connect with your BE-YOU-tiful surroundings.

Your heart re-connects you with your truest wishes and brings harmony at all levels.

Find out what activities are planned

Take a look in the agenda to find out which activities are already planned for the next couple of months. That way you can lively experience what frequencies can do to you.