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My path is marked through a search how to merge my ‘scientific me’ with my ‘mystical me’. I’m trained in both. The scientific approach is embedded in my engineering abilities, while many guides along the road sharpened my mystical skills. Nonetheless, for me it is important to merge both inside.

During my education as a construction engineer I’m trained in the use of design software. In the 1990’s I decided to use that approach on the sacred geometry of the ‘ancient flower of life patterns’. The results were stunning, since sacred geometry has a level of accuracy I couldn’t have imagined then. Along the way I implemented Vedic Mathemagics & digital compression, which I learned from Jain 108. Since I’m really open to it, other interesting shapes or frequencies pass by, which I explore and often implement in my works. I don’t just copy those shapes, but during some explorations, they reveal their story and intent to me, so I help them to evolve.

How do I merge ‘scientific me’ with ‘mystical me’

Around 2010 I had a feeling that so much interesting topics and subjects already came along, that I wanted to write them down in a storyline. That thought marked the birth of UniPhi, on which I’ve been working between 2012 and 2017. A large part of the work has been written during my world travel in that period. For those interested in that period, you can consult my travel blog with stories from the many places I’ve visited.

After those intensive writing years, I disappeared a couple of years. During that rough, personal time, I had to experience my writings and fully live them. Now I look back at those training years as a necessary next level step on my life path.

During those years I experienced first hand the power of certain of my designs, and I completely unfolded Aisha as my inner Alter Ego. I switched from merely knowledge to intense wisdom concerning frequencies and the heart. As if coincidence, my shamanistic roots called. My deep connection with natural wisdom evolved further and it made me well aware of the power of the heart energies. This discovery is still ongoing.

My mental and emotional rollercoaster during those years shaked my ground so hard, that I had to rebuild myself according to different ideas. I got rid of all taught knowledge and mapped my own path.

During my dark years, I had to experience UniPhi on every level

Since 2022 I popped up again, with deepened wisdom and a real wish to share what I have discovered over all those years with those who have the heart to receive that wisdom.

I’m still searching to merge ‘scientific me’ with ‘mystical me’, but the mystical me is evolving from a sacred geometry expert into a shaman who uses geometry and frequencies as a tool to guide people back into their heart. At the same time that shaman really wants to become a Spirit Walker who discovers wisdom from other times and dimensions to assist our beloved Mother and all her children during these intense, spirited years.