Me Me Me Me Me

Once in a while, I freewheel into this beautiful Earth reality. This time as Bart. I was born in Belgium and I still live there, however my adventurous nature often takes me out of this country. Between 2012 and 2014 I went on a world trip, crossing parts of magical Earth. My inspiration for Uni started on the road. I wrote the entire draft version of this book while traveling.

Along my life path I meet many inspiring guides. Most of them are wimMan. They introduce me to their way of living and their way of thinking. With the shift of the ages femininity rises once again and I support their cause wholeheartedly. I love their way of being, their openness and vulnerability. Therein is their incredible power. A power this world direly needs!

Fun and games are an important part of my life! I always put these aspects in every approach. Things have to be fun! They need to be simple at the same time. Reality is a concept that can be grasped easily with intuition and observation. Nature doesn’t need a thousand mathematical formulas to be understood. This is what the human mind makes it out to be! Nature can be caught in simple phrases.
Both – simplicity and joy – act as my compass in the jungle of knowledge.

My whole life I’ve searched for a way to merge ‘scientific me’ with ‘mystical me’. I’m trained in both, the scientific approach is embedded in my engineering abilities. The mystical experiences were initiated and sharpened by many guides along the road. Yet I have arrived at a point that everything merges within.