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Sacred geometry book Sacred geometry book Sacred geometry book Sacred geometry book Sacred geometry book

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Have you ever experienced personal growth through the means of sacred geometry in a book? You can find these unique concepts in the book UniPhi. UniPhi aims to evoke certain feelings by interpreting different shapes and analysing what geometry is all about. Sacred geometry is not as abstract as you would think and goes far beyond mere elements. Let me enlighten your mindset with these personal visualisations.

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Unlocking passion and dreams with this sacred geometry book

UniPhi is a spiritual book that gives you insight into your true passion and dreams through sacred geometry. It can be considered as a personal development book in which different 3D shapes allow you to be aware of hidden layers in sacred geometry. Its scope isn’t limited to mere forms, but it can be seen as a frozen moment of infinity, just like a picture is a frozen moment in time. Sacred geometry shapes are open to interpretation you can compare to an optical illusion. Some forms can trigger memories or deep feelings, whereas other shapes give you the ability to recognise certain music, art or material things that are important to you. It shows that your mind does not work in a linear fashion. Geometry is a unique language of associations and positive or negative vibrations you need to explore, and my book UniPhi is the perfect tool to help you with this.

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Do you want to experience geometric empowerment through the sacred geometry elements in my book? You can now buy your e-book online in the webshop. Here, you will also find many other interesting sacred geometry products, such as unique geometric art prints. Discover the wonders of sacred geometry now!



Bart Inghelbrecht