Connect Connect Connect Connect Connect


This mantra is a beautiful example how many things are interconnected. By simply writing the word “EARTH” or “HEART” a couple of times next to one another, you see many words pop-up: Earth, Heart, Hearth, Hear, Ear, ‘hear the art’,…  They symbolise the holographic connexion which exists between the Earth and our Heart. Both share the very same core.


When you enter you heart space, you’re engulfed with harmony and Love. Many people observe the heart simply as a blood pump, yet there is so much more that meets the eye. From an energetic point of view the heart is an endless field of interwoven connexions. It is the very first energy field that is created after conception.

The energy field of the heart is a torus, allowing us to express everything that is inside and to feed us with external input at the very same time. This field has the ability to turn everything topsy turvy. Being in the heart makes you realise that you are never alone. Feel this subtle connexion between you and everything around.

Feel your heart space
Feel your heart energy
Feel your heart rhythm
Feel your heart beat

When you connect your heart to your limbs, you are able to express love in all its beauty! You embrace your loved ones in a big hug, through hands and feet you connect with the soil you’re living on, you express gratitude towards life. Love literally gets hands and feet.

Do you realise that you also have a 3rd pair of limbs at your disposal? Spread your wings to discover more of your surroundings.

Your limbs connect your Life

Once you have discovered the inner strength of your heart, you are ready for an ever broadening connexion…
Your heart field is a miniature version of the very same energy fields of our Earth and Sun. Holographic wisdom allows you to expand your inner fields as far as the entire planet, our solar system or even further. Take one step a time on this journey.
Sync your heartbeat with the heartbeat of Mother Earth and Father Sun. Get in-tune with their energy fields.