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When you want the help of frequencies to empower yourself, you can choose to wear a specific jewel. That way, you upload its frequencies into your energy field and on your skin.

Empower through geometry

Geometry is frozen Light frequencies, like a picture is a frozen memory in time. Those frequencies have the ability to express a myriad of things through different designs. By wearing a geometrical jewel, you automatically radiate its frequency. That is where the magick happens!

By wearing a jewel, you weave its geometrical frequency and the essence of its alloy in your personal energy field. That way you empower your own field with extra layers. When you often wear a certain jewel, you’ll get more familiar with its multi-layered nature. Gradually you’ll unlock the more subtle frequencies of that geometry. The more people will wear a certain design, the more powerful becomes its essence on broader levels.

The more you walk that path, the more familiar it becomes. At a certain moment you’ll be able to recognize your heartbeat in day to day situations. You will feel what makes you happy and when you are in-tune with everything around you. That is the moment you’ve been waiting for! This wisdom allows you to deeply connect with your BE-YOU-tiful surroundings.

Your heart re-connects you with your truest wishes and brings harmony at all levels.

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The jewelry is available in the webshop and it are all hand made unique pieces. They allow you to empower yourself, feel which one resonates best for you.