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Uni is a visual guidebook through your personal process of understanding . Together with Aisha, a young wimMan, you undertake the journey to become captain of your life. The book is an intuitive experience, triggering memories and feelings. The contrast between chaos and order creates insights along the road. It’s a book you have to read just like it blows up. That way it will be an unforgettable experience!

Aisha lives inside you

‘Who am I?’

That sounds like a simple question. Yet it challenges you far more than you’ll ever realise. It is the only question that matters in Life. In that question all others merge.

Embark with Aisha, a young wimMan, on a journey through Nature’s wisdom, Quantum realities and your inner guidance to understand . Your brain is unable to grasp , but you can understand it if you wish!

When you un-learn everything you know, pull the strings and move through the mirror, you have bridged the gap. From that moment on you are able to grasp uniphies the head, the hara and the heart.

You’ll remember that you are your own captain.

You decide which way to go!

Do you dare to BE-YOU-tiful?

Uni is an intuitive experience

This book allows to co-create and to co-operate your reality, with you as centre of your YOUniverse. It is time to take responsibility once again.

You shape your own Life and let no one tell you otherwise!

Exercises, geometry and the story gradually unfold layers within you. Feel if the message resonates within.

The geometrical storyline makes Uni different. Memories and feelings are experienced simultaneous through this visual book. Geometry reminds you of frequencies which you have experienced earlier. It makes those feelings deep inside you vivid, triggering you.

The book touches many different and diverse topics, seemingly creating chaos. But chaos leads to order. Read the book in chronological order or topsy turvy, just how it blows up, thus creating insights.