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Newsletter 03 Newsletter 03 Newsletter 03 Newsletter 03 Newsletter 03

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Newsletter 03 : 01-01-2018

While the door of 2017 closes, many experiences are finished with it. We conclude a cycle. At the same time the door of 2018 opens, carrying many treasures.  

I send my wishes to you all : let Love and Light shine upon your path, to give you the strength to reach your purpose and to live the life of your dreams.

To say it with the words of Aisha : YOU shape your BE-YOU-tiful YOUniverse…

When I look around I feel the time has come to Uni once more what is shattered. During our ‘devolution’ from Man to human we started to divide everything and we still keep dividing it, forgetting the whole. We overspecialise in tiny areas, losing sight of the clockwork we’re living in. This action makes us forget who we are and what we are here for… This dividing creates our current technocracy, in which we are cut of from Source, within and outside. Introducing loneliness, dependency and fear. We box ourselves in. 

Perhaps you wonder what the difference between Man and human is. Human comes from the Latin word ‘humanus’ which signifies tamed, cultured. Man defines mankind, the race of Man, not a masculine person. In this context a human is a tamed Man, a Man who forgot his connexion with Source.

Man lost his power by becoming human! 

If you want to evolve back from human to Man, you should remember the whole. Remember your connexion with Source, which has never been broken, only forgotten. This is our natural way of being, in complete connexion with Nature and ourselves. We should retake responsibility of our lives and actions once more. The time has come to remember that each one of us is a wolf, defining his own path, instead of a sheep following a shepherd. By following orders you give away yourself. 

This is what I wish all of you, entirely remember your connexion with Source.

Let’s co-operate to achieve this goal over time.

Roots Return

Why questioning yourself ?
Remember the God you are
So others can do the same …
Contagious illuminated

We are powerful beyond measure !
Deep inside everyone knows
Now the time has come to shine your light
Recognise and accept the longing and turn on the switch …

See the light
See the brightness of life
In and out, up and down, everywhere
Beyond duality
Endless respect and gratitude
Manifested by Love.

by Keymaya (ignited by ‘Return to Love’ Marianne Williamson)


In my last newsletter I told you geometry is a frequency, something you can feel and experience. The message I give to you for the new year ‘to become your own captain and take your responsibility’ can be experienced through a specific shape.

Therefore I recall the part about geometry in my previous newsletter, where I told about the Original Metatron and the Natural Metatron. The Original Metatron visualises us being boxed into a shape that’s too small to contain us. We feel stressed and squeezed into something we’re not. Yet we’re told this is our natural state. When I first experienced the 3D Original Metatron I felt upset about this shape. It felt as a psychological prison from which I had to break free…

octahedron – cube – startetrahedron – dodecahedron – icosahedron – rhombhedron

By working with the shapes hidden in the Metatron (octahedron, tetrahedron, cube, dodecahedron and icosahedron) I started a process within of breaking free. This led me to the Natural Metatron, where the shapes receive more space. When I experienced that shape, it felt much better, more free.

Finally I realised that there was at least one more shape which had to be added, the golden rhombhedron. This is the merging of a dodecahedron and icosahedron. It is some kind of a union, a co-operation. All those shapes together give me the shape I’m telling about. This shape has not a specific name, it is a different frequency of the Natural Metatron, visualises this aspect.

Original Metatron – Natural Metatron – Golden Rombhedron

Feel how this frequency radiates the message ‘by becoming your own captain and taking responsibility again, you are in harmony with Source. Together with Source you co-create your dreams.’ 

Soon those 3D shapes will become available as 3D prints in my webshop. Keep an eye on it to see them appear. 

Crowdfund update

For some people it’s not completely clear what my intention is with the crowdfunding. In fact it is not a real crowdfunding, it is more a pre-sale of Uni. People who are interested in the printed version of the book can order and pay for a version. As soon as I have reached my funding goal of 10000 euro I’ll print it and a copy will be sent to you.

The e-book version (in pdf) is already available in the webshop, just like a combo from both the ebook and printed version. The ebook version can be bought and downloaded immediately in the webshop. As soon as the printed version is ready it will be sent to you.

Initially I had hoped to reach the goal before the end of 2017, but since I only gathered 450 euro, I have to continue the campaign.

If you want to order a version, but don’t want to pay for it already, because of the uncertainty of the final delivery date, you can send me an email through the contact form on my website. Then I’ll collect your data and send out an email request to fulfil your payment as soon as I have enough subscribers or found other ways to finance the print.

I am also open to make a deal with people who offer to fund the print in one go. Therefore I’d ask to contact me so we can talk directly about a suitable arrangement for both of us.

My main goal is to be able to print the book and to share it with the world. Since I already had to invest 8000 euro myself in foto material, drawings, lay-out work, website and webshop design and publicity, I don’t have the option to invest another 10000 euro in the final print. Therefore I reach out and search for people interested in this project. I am confident that this goal will be achieved in 2018.

If you can spread the word to as many people as possible, my chances of getting the funds grow and you will receive your ordered book.


impressions from the book…

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