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Newsletter 02 : 03-12-2017

Last month I’ve launched the crowdfunding campaign for Uni. A project in which I try to gather 10000 euro to fund the printing of my book. At this moment I’ve already gathered 380 euro. This is a humble amount, yet a project like this needs time to grow and get known by people. The last couple of weeks I’ve been busy promoting my book, so people have a chance to get familiar with Uni.

There were two major questions returning a couple of times in that period : ’10 000 euro is a lot of money for only 1000 books’ and ‘why don’t you try an online store like Bol or Amazon or perhaps a publisher’. I can answer both of them quite easily.

10 000 euro is indeed a lot of money, yet the book counts 400 pages in full colour. What makes this print relative expensive is the fact that I require top quality, eco-friendly and coated paper to guarantee a vivid print. Besides I’ve made the book format a golden rectangle, a non-standard book format. All those elements raise the print price.   

Secondly I can’t sell the book at Bol or Amazon yet, since I require first my hard copies to be able to deliver to customers worldwide. Once I have a small stock I am able to sell through established stores. Not to work through a publisher is a deliberate choice, it is my personal feeling that I should first try to launch the book on my own.

So I’d like to ask all of you t help me get the message to as many persons as possible, with the help of many I’ll finally be able to realise this dream.


When you look at the book description, you’ll discover it talks about geometry. Very often I hear the comment : ‘I have no affinity with geometry’ or ‘this will be too difficult for me’…

First of all, geometry is something as familiar as the air we breathe. Look around you, everything has a shape and has to be considered geometry. We live in a geometrical reality. Mostly you’re unaware of that element, you look at something and define it a chair, a lamp, a car, a movie, art,… When you observe the shape, you’ll discover it’s geometry.

Geometry reaches beyond mathematical equations or goniometrical shapes. It is not limited to some erudite persons. Geometry is available for everyone. It is a frequency, just like Light or Sound.

I use it to visualise abstract concepts… To make things clear, I’ll give you an example.

Our current society likes it to order everything, to box us in. Everybody has to fit in a well described category. When you don’t fit in, you’re an anomaly, an outcast. This way of thinking I compare with the cube of Metatron, a merging of 5 geometrical shapes. At this moment he is defined a cube. Look at the picture to the right.

Observe it, feel it… Do you also feel the tension in this geometry? How stressed it is?

Natural Metatron

Original Metatron

Visualise this box. Observe how you open it.

All of a sudden some of the shapes pop out, rearrange themselves according to the laws of nature and you have a completely different shape, containing the same elements. The box is gone, the tension is gone. Just that simple action, opening a box, can completely change a frequency.

That is what is important for me… Feel the first shape, the original Metatron, and compare it with the second shape, the natural Metatron. They contain identical elements (5 geometrical shapes) in a different arrangement, completely changing their geometry and thus frequency.

This is why I’m convinced that geometry speaks to everyone. It speaks louder as a living frequency instead as a mathematical equation. 

Who am I? 

Here I will tell you something about me, my travels or the growth of the book :

Uni was entirely written during my world trip. The inspiration to begin the story started in the Altai mountains of Mongolia and unfolded through South-America. The blueprint of every chapter has been written in a different geographical energy.

Aisha is my alter ego, she struggles with the same topics as me and unfolds the path together with me. Through her growth I’m able to grow further.

  I’ve chosen a feminine character to balance the equation. Through working with Aisha I gained better access to my inner femininity.

  In the book I replace the words male / female and man / woman by masculine / feminine and werman / wimman. This is a deliberate choice, since in my feelings female is a derivate of male and woman is a derivate of man. In order to equalise them completely I had to choose different words. Masculine / feminine is a logical choice. Werman / wimman is a return to the medieval origin of those words, expressing the same.

  The print of Uni  visualises my inner creational evolution. My ability to shape things in the material world.


I use the following symbol for HeartDive. When you look closer, you see it consists of two mingling parts.

The first part is the harmonious vortex,, I’ve spoken about in my previous newsletter. Used in HeartDive it symbolises the inphinity we’re all tapping in to create and manifest our dreams. We are always able to choose from all possibilities those we’d like. is an important part of my work, through working with the golden proportion I am able to give you a deep experience.   

The second part of the symbol is the knife like shape, symbolising cutting through everything. Especially through yourself! When you evolve you need to peel yourself open layer by layer. It asks you to look at yourself and accept every part of you.

DARE TO BE YOU is what it embraces.

By putting both parts together, you receive the message that you return to through peeling yourself to your deepest core. It also symbolises you growing from that same into the YOU, who you really are. 


impressions from the book…

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