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18/10/2017 By In English, News

Newsletter 01 : 27-10-2017

After a long journey, I’ve finally reached the point to let the Light shine on every aspect of my work. I am really happy that this moment arrives, it has been a long and intense journey, but he was worth every step.

Many different elements merge, as different pieces of a well-crafted puzzle. From now on, I want to create that puzzle in co-creation with numerous lovely people around me. The purpose of HeartDive is to make you aware of your heart and it’s co-creative aspects. This reconnexion allows you to realise dreams.

English is chosen as my basis language because of it’s specific frequency, to reach far and wide. My playgrounds will be given in two languages, depending of the location. The newsletter will standard be bi-lingual.

I took the liberty to add many persons from my address book in my initial mailing list. Feel free to send it to everyone who you think will be interested in my work.

Making a subscription is easy through my website.

It is my intention to send out a new newsletter on a monthly basis, in which we’ll keep in touch about new projects, the crowdfunding campaign and much more.

Crowdfunding campaign : Uni

I worked 4 intense years at this book… The draft version of Uni was written whilst travelling. The inspiration started in the Altai mountains in Mongolia and gradually unfolded through South-America. After that period I needed another year to create all the drawings and integrate them. The third year was used to check and adapt the text thoroughly, as to create a nice reading experience. During that period I also introduced the real graphical approach by InDesign. The final year is used to finalise everything and set up the campaign.

My main purpose is to fund the printed release of my book, Uni. To realise this project I need a minimum budget of 10 000€. This budget will fund the print costs and some of the lay-out works.

That’s why I reach to all of you to spread the word. Together we can co-create that dream of mine.

Let Uni ‘uniphi’ us all in this goal!

Who am I? 

Here I will tell you some things about me or about my travels :

I’m a construction engineer, working on infrastructure projects (tunnels, bridges, locks,…)

a different hearing triggered the search for myself hidden deep inside

in search for my inner knowing, geometry and mathemagics made the breakthrough

combining an engineering mindset with a mystical understanding define my way

mystical science is far more important as many amongst us believe, it is my wish to expand this field over the years with HeartDive

Vortex –

Disharmonious vortex : hurricane

Harmonious vortex : galaxy

When you read my work, you’ll often encounter this symbol : . I use it to visualise infinity. For me symbol language has a far deeper frequency as any word can ever have. It works layered.

This goes in the first place for me. When I introduced this symbol, it stated infinity and infinitely. Over the last couple of months this transformed, adding vortex to this list.

The original context remains, while another layer is added. Deepening everything.

Look at , it encompasses a clockwise and counterclockwise movement at the same time. This is crucial for a harmonious vortex system! When you remove one movement, a hurricane forms… 


impressions from the book…

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