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(🌀 = inphinity)

To maintain the state of being, represented by the HEarthed 🌀 Man, it is of the utmost importance that Man is ‘HEarthed’ in every cell of ⚤ bodies.
This implies that ⚤ is well rooted in Mother Earth, hence the meaning of earthed.
At the same time ⚤ has also strong ties with Hollow Earth, the soft vibrational power. Comparable to bamboo, bending in the wind. Strong external forces bend it, but don’t break it. This Power allows Man to stand firm and independent in this reality.

Besides that the universal ⚤ is also rooted in ⚤ own heart, connected to 🌀. ⚤ stands completely in ⚤ pillar.

All those rootings, allow Man to wield 🌀 and act independently, ♀♂ is ♂♀.

By being HEarthed – in the Centre of the Universe and the Earthly Crystal Core – Man can use ⚤ full potential to co-create a Space of Love, which nurtures ⚤ in every single way.


Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 12.21.26

HEarthed 🌀 Man

The HEarthed 🌀 Man represents Man in ⚤ full potential.
There are three different elements in the drawing, each representing a different aspect of being.
First you have Man in complete Harmony and Unity with ⚤ Universe. ⚤ is much more fluid, more feminine. It is a portal through which feminine energies can enter this reality, to balance the masculine once more. This Man stands for co-operation and co-creation, powers that can only roam when a person is standing in ⚤ own pillar, being in love with ⚤. The uplifting arms embrace its own Potential, represented by the ellipse surrounding the head. Besides ⚤ is completely drawn with ellipses, symbolising a dynamic reality.

This Cosmic Man embraces a completely new reality, in which Masculine and Feminine co-create their own Space of Love.

A second element are the vortices surrounding ⚤. This is represented by the wing-like shapes. Those vortices allow ⚤ to connect with surrounding Light and energies. Their dynamism allows ⚤ to generate their own independent Power. ⚤ no longer needs external input. This gnowing provides ⚤ with a high level of pure, independent and authentic energies.

The third layer presented in this figure is 🌀 itself. The source from which Man draws everything.
⚤ wheels through her own being and is aware of all connexions.