Geometry Geometry Geometry Geometry Geometry


Geometry is an important part of my work… but what is geometry all about?

For me geometry is a frozen moment of , just like a picture is a frozen moment in time. Yet geometry has the ability to express a myriad of things. Some are as material as a house or a car, others are more fluid like music, art, movies,… In almost every case it is an expression of feelings and thoughts within. It is a living reality, making those feelings deep inside you vivid, triggering you. It is a language of vibrations, Light.

Personally I love working with geometry for that reason. It allows me to use certain shapes to make you aware of a hidden layer. Almost every time when people experience my 3D printed shapes, some magick happens. A multi-layered message is transferred! This process is intensified when you build the shapes yourself.

In my experience geometry isn’t limited to shapes. With mathemagicks I visualise messages in numbers and semanticks allows me to experience the very frequency of words.

Feel for example:

infinity – inphinity – inφnity –
human vs Man
magic vs magick

Remember, geometry is frozen thoughts, intensions and feelings, often expressed in a personal way. This expression is what HeartDive is all about. It is a personal adapted toolset to open up people. To touch the very soul of Man!

Geometry goes far beyond shapes. It is frequencies made tangible.