Vortex Vortex Vortex Vortex Vortex


Once I was reading a book in which different levels of reality were described. At a certain stage they mentioned reality as a ‘vortex’… My first question was, what is a vortex? Neither the book, nor a search on the internet could fully answer my question. There was only one certainty, this word was triggering me. I had the gut feeling that it was really important. It was only by writing the book, Uni, that the answer gradually entered. Even now it is still evolving.

Definition of a vortex
A vortex is a dynamic structure, in constant movement. It has the ability to purify everything it touches through continuous movement. Only pure and chosen energies have the ability to remain in the centre. Vortices have the ability to connect with nearby energies, other beings or whatever Light structures you wish. At the same time they protect from harmful influencers. It is a natural protection.

Natural vortices
Through writing Uni I got the chance to understand this more clearly. The  symbol is drawn as a vortex. Observe it intense and you’ll discover it’s a merging of a clockwise and counterclockwise movement. This is extremely important.
When we search examples of vortices, we often talk about a hurricane, the Bermuda triangle or water spiraling in a drain. This is a destructive vortex, with only one component. Nonetheless our galaxy, energy fields of planets and Man or the human heart are harmonious vortices, generating Life. By studying those motions more in detail we’ll gain a deeper understanding of energy, both in ourselves and around us.

Vortex flow
A healthy water flow through a channel or a tube, a healthy blood flow or air currents need those vortices to maintain them. A vortex flow maintains Life and purifies itself constantly. It differs in many ways from our current laminar flows.
This is a field I’m studying further in my work, since vortices are key to a healthy Life and energy flow in our system. It’s about time that we understand this way of working if we wish to maintain our health and make Earth healthy once more.