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Publication UniPhi book Publication UniPhi book Publication UniPhi book Publication UniPhi book Publication UniPhi book

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Are you interested in spirituality and do you want to support me on the publication of UniPhi, my spiritual book? Then don’t hesitate to make a contribution. UniPhi is a visual guidebook that helps you express or understand personal feelings on another level. This book is capable of helping a lot of people processing their thoughts and understanding their emotions. It can also eventually prevent people from losing themselves along the way. That is why I want to focus on the publication of my book UniPhi.

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Spiritual literature is relatively unknown because it portrays a very personal process. The combination of spirituality with geometry is even more unfamiliar territory. Yet it is very important to explore that field and think out of the box to be able to find your true self and the meaning of life. Geometry and mathematics are exact sciences, but they can evoke various emotional concepts that lead to self-growth. That is what I want to achieve with the publication of my personal development book, UniPhi. I would love to be able to finance the printed version of my work. A book like this offers a far better experience when you hold a hard copy in your hands.

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Do you want to support my work by making an online contribution? Then go to the HeartDive webshop and make your donation. Meanwhile, you can order your e-book now online at a small price. You can contact me via e-mail or call +32492794195 for more information. Give this work the printing quality it deserves and contribute to the publication of my book UniPhi. With your help, I am sure this book can be printed!



Bart Inghelbrecht