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The playgrounds are written to deepen your experience of the topics touched in Uni.
They guide you through yourself, through 3 centres (head – hara – heart) to arrive in the that you are! Since the book touches many topics and can have a chaotic feel whilst reading, I want to offer you a deepening understanding of it’s intuitive experience, by clustering it around 6 major themes.

During those playgrounds we’ll co-operate to fully embrace the message of Uni.

According to my plan the first set of playgrounds (part 1 and 2) will be launched the first half of 2018. They are a complete make-over from earlier experiences.

Playgrounds as an experimental experience
To start with I decided to call it playgrounds, instead of workshops. It is namely really important that everyone has the opportunity to feel and experience during our time together. We no longer work to achieve things, but we play, tell stories and experiment with that which we want to discover. Achievements have to be joy, not labour. That simplifies remembering.
The different playgrounds are each built in a different country and era, allowing us to gather information around the globe, covered within ourselves.
They gradually unfold layers within and represent the natural information flow. You can follow them as you like : chronological, topsy turvy or from the middle. The only important thing is to follow them as a pair (01 & 02 head ; 03 & 04 hara ; 05 & 06 heart), those 3 blocks you can combine as your intuition guides you, but for the most of you, it’s best to follow them chronologically.
Those blocks represent the 3 major centres in our body. They also represent the information flow through our system : the head senses, the hara processes and the heart comprehends.

The 6 playgrounds :
The playgrounds are designed to uniphi ourselves in the amount of choices crossing our daily path. They act as a deepening experience of Uni, using it as a basis. Through a visual and geometrical approach we come closer to ourselves. Images release layered frequencies by experiencing them.

PG 01 : Out of your box – Egypt (Head 01)
We’ve been taught that the cube of Metatron contains all the platonic solids… But when you build him in 3D, you wonder why he feels stressed and is entirely cubical. Many of us feel honoured when we see the canon of Da Vinci, where a man stands in his box. However, when I put you in a prison cell, you’ll wish to break free.
I use those geometrical approaches as a metaphor to illustrate the way society cages us. If you really want to achieve new insights, it’s about time to leave the rusty cage and step out.
It is time to break out of your imaginary box!

PG 02 : Mirrorland – Lemuria & Pacific (Head 02)
A mirror only reflects, but it reflects the whole! The topsy turvy part as well as the ordered part. For you it’s important to accept both sides of you. Society prefers perfect and flawless, did you ever wonder if this is realistic? Perhaps that’s why so many people feel extremely stressed…
When we observe natural sequences, such as the phi-bonacci sequence, the binary sequence or the counting numbers, they all embrace the mirror. It is a crucial part to balance the equation, together with adding the heart of the system. Only through those 3 components, harmony returns. Together we’ll spring them alive inside you.
Do you dare to pass the mirror to embrace yourself completely?

PG 03 : Dynamism – UK (Hara 01)
We prefer to build things that will last forever… Take a look at nature, where nothing remains. Everything is born, it grows, evolves and dies only to start a new cycle. Change is a natural part of our life, but almost everyone is afraid of change, mostly since a lot of trash is involved in this process.
The golden proportion is a great example of this natural way of growth and dynamism. Nowadays we explain it merely as an example of harmony and beauty, yet it’s driving force is dynamism and change. Halves nullify each other, what does the golden proportion do?
Experience how setting things in motion will change you for good.

PG 04 : Co-operation & co-creation – USA (Hara 02)
When we want to work with people, we need a signature to confirm a contract. In the olden days a handshake was sufficient to get things done. Where did we lose that trust in other people? When did we lose the ability to work together out of joy to make things better?
Quantum mechanics defines the small, while relativity copes with the large. However peek deeper and you’ll unravel a close connexion in both. One of the most vivid examples is the golden rhombhedron, a merging of an icosahedron and a dodecahedron. When we co-operate we can achieve far greater things as we would ever be able to do on our own.
Do you want to co-create a living reality with people around you?

PG 05 : Hearthed – South America (Heart 01)
Creating things requires firm grounding! Since we’re humans, we do this first with our Mother Earth. Man himself and all of his creations are made of Earth substances. After that we need to ground ourselves in the Cosmos, as to ignite things. Finally our own heart and belief in who we are springs our creations alive. We really need self confidence to be creators.
All three groundings are combined in the ‘hearthed’ process.
Life itself is an array of possibilities we encounter daily. Many of us struggle with that and remain in doubt. What should I choose and did I make the right choice? When you’re fully hearthed, you have regained your compass and you know which way to go. From then on, you have retaken your responsibility and you’re grounded in .
Abundance is only fun!

PG 06 : YOUniverse – Australia (Heart 02)
The last playground focuses on the importance of vortices and is a conclusion and integration from all earlier parts.

Here you understand the phrase ‘YOU shape your BE-YOU-tiful YOUniverse’.


Practical information
Each of those playgrounds takes 2 days and will be given during a weekend. To allow your system to adapt the new information, there needs to be at least 3 weeks between 2 week-ends. Initially I plan to give one playground every month.
The first playgrounds will be given in the Netherlands, the exact dates and locations will appear on my website and in the newsletter.
To allow people to participate and to be involved during the playgrounds, the groups are limited around 15 persons. The first set of playgrounds will be given as a test environment.