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Uni🌀 is a book that will be published the second half of 2016. It is written as a story, filled with many graphs. Their layered structure allow me to tell stories inside stories. That whole mix creates a vortex in which you are able to raise your frequency. It allows you to decode parts of yourself.
Nature Wisdom meets Quantum Evolution in the story of Aisha.

Aisha is a young wimMan, who has an incredible meeting with an old shaman high in the Altai Mountains. Together they embark on a co-creational journey, in which they explore the Natural Wisdom from a completely different point of view. DreamTime interferes with RealTime embedded in MeTime.
They freewheel through the Flower of Life-pattern, phi-bonacci and the Golden Proportion, MatheMagicks,… Aisha explores ‘All that Is’, and meets the shaman in ‘Nothing at All’…

Once they wheeled through that experience, Aisha’s scientific nature is deepened while she chases the phrase ‘How Nothing creates Anything in her search for the light beam.’ During this trip she experiences how everything is relative, how Light is All and that time doesn’t exist.
In the end she realises that ‘All that Is’, is exactly the same as ‘Nothing at All’.

By working through the material with some good friends we often experience joyful moments, whilst freewheeling in 🌀. It simply is a mindblowing life changer. This spirit is embedded within, so it is my deepest wish that you can experience that same process.