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In the past I’ve met many people who inspired me along the way. My engineering background suits me to work intensely with geometrical drawings. This ability allows me to connect to other people in the field, while we co-create some interesting products.

With ‘Heart Creations’ the process of redrawing Sacred Geometry started. At the time I was working with works of Drunvalo Melchizedek, especially with his 2 books concerning the Geometry of Creation, together with Johanna Kleipool, one of his teachers in the Netherlands. We started to redraw his entire work, adjusting it to our personal insight.
This resulted in the presentation ‘Heart Creations’, which I could personally introduce to Drunvalo. I was even allowed to present it during his first ‘Awakening the Illuminated Hearth’-teacher workshop, which I attended.

The path with Johanna taught me a lot, yet I felt many questions arose. During that time I met Iris Barkhuysen, who introduced me to the diamond light awareness. Together we explored that realm for a while, answering some of the questions. This resulted in ‘Universal Skydive’, a new presentation, merging Sacred Geometry and Diamond Awareness. This presentation was given to a small audience in Gent by the 3 of us – Iris, Johanna and me.

Yet I had a gut feeling that the Golden Proportion played a key role. That’s why I contacted Jain 108, an Australian mathemagician. He wrote several books on the Golden Proportion, Vedic Mathematics, Magic Cubes, etc. During my world tour, we met each other at his place. I had experimented with his concepts for a while and a bundle of new ideas grew. He encouraged me to write them down, which resulted in UniPhi. A book in which I translated the phi-bonacci sequence from the Earthly – decimal – system into the Cosmic – base 13 – system. Some thrilling results popped up.
(Those who wish to receive this hugely mathematical work, can download it here )

After all these experiences, I really kicked off on my own path, which results in ‘Your Inner Box’, ‘Uni🌀’ and ‘Vortex’. Those works are inspired by the people mentioned above and many others. Some of the most important ones are: Elayna of Hollow Earth, Sandra Nauta, Saskia Beuvery, Els Vrints, Nicole Bleyaert, Heidi Stet, Maggie Tahalele, Anastasia, … Yet they represent my personal feelings and approach to Geometry, Man and Vision.