Be the Hatter

Be the Hatter Be the Hatter Be the Hatter Be the Hatter Be the Hatter


Trippin’ out
Spinnin’ around
I’m underground,
I fell down
Yeah, I fell down
(Avril Lavigne – Alice)

Do you dare to cross over into the looking glass? Into that topsy turvy world, where weirdness reigns and nothing is what it appears. In this mirror land, you can meet yourself. However deep inside the forest of forgetfulness, the cheshire cat tells you that if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there. The white queen challenges you, by asking you to believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast. While all the red queen’s servants are painting the roses red, simply keeping their heads spinning…
But at tea-time, you meet the Mad Hatter. He looks you in the eye and takes off his hat (head). He is your alter ego, he’s your friend at the other side. Here is the time to un-learn all you know, you have to loosen your head in order to find your answers. Answer one question ‘Who are you?’ and all will become clear.

You and your mirror become one… In Lakesh… I am the other you! The shadows lose their meaning, topsy turvy is just another part of 🌀…
It is here that the Mad Hatter challenges you. You’re running in an endless circle, until you pass through the mirror. That’s the breaking point. But far more challenging is leaving that mirrorland, and taking the hatter with you. As to merge your all-day world with its mirrored counterpart.