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The Inner Box is a series of playgrounds (others might call them workshops), in which I challenge you out of your box, straight into wonderland. There the ‘Tale of Geometry’ sounds completely different, away from the mental approach. Together with the Mad Hatter and a bunch of odd creatures we’ll tackle the most important question, ‘Who are You?’. A question that can only be answered by embracing, by changing your world view and by listening to your intuition.
Some of those playgrounds are a co-operation between me and Elayna, in which Hollow Earth meets Geometry.
It is a sequential story, in order to give you the opportunity to feel what I am talking about. Each part has its specific key.

Key 1 – Out of Your Box : You have been held hostage in a cage for far too long. The rat race of daily life bores you, yet you feel unable to see your cage. By holding and building the Natural Metatron Cube, a whole new world opens itself up.

Key 2 – Vortex : The buddhist monks have a famous saying, ‘you can never step into the same river twice’. Yet everything in our lives needs to be fixed and secured. Open your doors and go with the flow in this second part.

Key 3 – 🌀 : Many people are inspired by the 🌀 possibilities that surround us, while others feel really confused by that same 🌀. Experience your shift from a rat race into a myriad of possibilities.

Key 4 – HEarth : 🌀 is a beautiful thing, yet it is easy to lose track. With this key you’ll learn to be your own anchor in such a way that you’ll be able to explore the beauty of 🌀, without getting lost. Learn how to draw with 🌀 opportunities!

Key 5 – HEarthed 🌀 : Now that you remember that you are 🌀, it is time to be a creator again! Experience some powerful shapes, which can help you during the manifestation of your dreams into a new reality.

These 5 keys are visualised, as to make your new reality visible by unlocking doors.